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You know you have been in Melbourne for too long

1. You have seen the promising start, anti-climatic finale, and had a favorite for Australia’s Got Talent.

2. It’s not a joke anymore when you say “Melbin,” “no worries,” or “how ya going.”

3. Jay-walking is not as life threatening, now knowing which way to look first.

4. “4 seasons in a day” is less baffling, but still just as every bit frustrating.

5. You think $7 for a pint is a steal.


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You should take a trip to Lorne:

1. The Great Ocean Road is nearly as exciting as a roller coaster.

2. The 12 (eight) Apostles are slowly dwindling, they won’t be here forever.

3. You might just meet a millionaire who wants to buy out the bar for a night!

4. Surfing brah.

5. It can be described as cozy/quaint… who doesn’t like cozy/quaint towns?

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5 Reasons Why…

You should ride the train more often:

1. I think it is considered “going green.”

2. If no one sits next to you, you can almost curl up in the fetal position for a light nap.

3. See the countryside of course!

4. Planes are so uppity.

5. Train passengers are far more social, and can be a great way to hear more about the local flavour.

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