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Today, as the title suggests, is my last day in Melbourne, Australia. This is also my last week for officially blogging for ODU. I cannot wait to wake up tomorrow and start my Queensland expedition. I am ripe with anticipation. At the same time, saying farewell the place I’ve grown so accustomed to is never easy.

Last week I wrote a good-bye letter the #75 Tram. However, I unjustly left out a few other aspects of my everyday Melbourne life I took for granted. So on this final day, I wish to formally bid adieu to the following:

The Walk To/From Deakin

Four days a week I made this trek that was too short to tram and too long to walk. My daily plans revolved around the walk. I refused to make the walk more than once a day. Therefore, the entire day’s school-related activities fell between the walk to and from Deakin Uni.

The Bottle-O

This local “convenient store” is situated just a few short steps away from the house. Being most convenient on the weekend (or after a long day of classes), our house became valued customers. I once thought their prices to be heinous, only to realize they have some of the most average prices in Australia.

Deakin YMCA

Surprisingly, this gym reminded me of home. Going to the gym provided a comfortable routine in my life. What’s more, seeing the majority of patrons concentrate on the bench press/bicep curls, gave a feeling just like any American gym. While I won’t miss paying $22 every two weeks for a membership, I will miss the friendly staff that took the time to almost remember my name.

The Nightrider

This late-night bus is the awkward cousin of the tram. Businessmen ride the tram with their briefcases and parents take it with their children for a day in the city. The tram is respectable. The Nightrider, which operates until 5am on the weekends, is not.

Typical Nightrider rides consist of, but are not limited to, 16 year-olds trying to pawn (allegedly) recently bought boxes of wine, Dr. Phil-esque relationship discussions, sharing of Hungry Jack’s or Maccas fries, or big group sing-alongs.

Even with all of the outrageous antics of the Nightrider, there is always one given, making it home safe and sound.


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