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Hello all! Join me on my multiple part series reviewing the month I spent in tropical Queensland. Over the next few days I will post the remaining chapters.

Chapter 1: Inspiration

Not long before school was over I realized that I still had a whole month left of my visa. My disdain for letting good things go to waste, coupled with being completely finished with college, gave me more than enough reason to stick around Down Under.

The first question was where. I have a never-ending hatred for cold weather. Without a solid tan I lack any type of confidence, forced to wander the streets as a zombie. Judge if you will, but catching rays is just as much a part of my life as sleeping and eating. Melbourne, at the time, was freezing. Thus, I had no problem saying so long to my home for the past five months.

With a little research I saw the place that I would spend my last month in Australia. Tropical Queensland. Resting in the northeastern part of Australia, Queensland is popular with the super rich and backpackers alike, all looking to escape nature’s frigid and perverted grasp.

Queensland is an interesting place. Some of the world’s most unique flora and fauna inhabit the area. There are moths as big as my head, and spiders that eat the moths that are as big as my head. Between all the sharks, snakes, and crocodiles, there are enough deadly animals to start a dangerous (and extremely entertaining) militia. The world’s oldest rainforest is located here, along with one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World in the Great Barrier Reef. They have sand so fine that NASA tried to buy 100 tons of it to clean their telescope. They have waves that can be surfed for over two minutes. They have the Cassowary, a bird with a head butt so deadly Zidi Zidane would be jealous.

To reiterate: Queensland is a very interesting place.

So the destination was decided. The only question that remained was how. How was I going to see all of this insane state? Busing is a popular and affordable option, however, the reviews are suspect. The only other viable option was to rent some sort of car.

It wasn’t until one day discussing my thoughts on the trip with a friend when he said he was already planning on going. He and two other Danish friends were getting a campervan for a month to travel Queensland. He explained how they were looking for a fourth person to keep the costs down. I, being a person, quickly offered my name for consideration.

And with that, the plan was set. For the next month the four of us would be traveling Queensland’s east coast via campervan. My expectations and goals were simple: Set the world record for consecutive days without a shirt, consecutive days wearing only a swimsuit, miles rode crocodile-back, number of dingos whispered, and, of course, the world record for number of sun rays caught in a one month period.

Que the Indiana Jones theme song.


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