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I was originally going to lump this subject in with the previous post. But as I continued to write, I realized how disrespectful that would have been. I use the term “housemates” literally, but also it includes those who spent as much time in the Retro house as they did in their own house. My housemates during my time in Australia have perhaps made the biggest impact while studying abroad.

Housemates + Extended Family

The biggest question I asked myself during my time here has been, “What would it have been like if I lived somewhere else?” Living closer to the to city would have been more convenient to get down town. Living in the residence hall would have presented a better opportunity to meet more people. There were times when I felt as if I made the wrong decision. Yet as I reflect, I see living in the Retro house was the best thing to happen to me.

Cinco De Mayo

Living with a group of strangers is a crapshoot. Watch any reality TV show or get a new roommate off Craig’s list and unpredictability ensues. The new roommate equation is this: craziness of stranger + size of accommodation = level of living success. With seven very distinct personalities, in a house that isn’t exactly huge, I had dubious original thoughts.

However, it only took a few short days living together to see how special this semester was going to be. We bonded quickly regardless of age, sex, political thoughts, or body odor. For one semester at Deakin our lives were intertwined.

We slept under one roof, we shared a tiny kitchen without anyone loosing fingers, we occasionally agreed on movies, we laughed with (and at) each other, we saw each other at our best and worst, and we came together to form a terrific group that unites under one name: The Autobots.

The quote of the semester came last week as our group started to disband. “Autobots… let’s roll out one last time.”

It’s sad to say good-bye to friends made during a semester abroad. It is an emotion harder defined to say good-bye to the people that I have shared nearly every Australian experience with. Whether it was exploring the city, sitting in the living room playing Warcraft III, giving me inspiration for the blog, or catching some rays, there was always a roommate there. I came to Melbourne from a fairly small family, and five months later, I leave with six new siblings.

The First Supper


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