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It has been a good bit since my last post. A lot has gone on, dramatic life changing events. Mostly it is the fact of having very limited Internet and being lazy on vacation. There is news to report. This blog is no longer affiliated with Old Dominion University as an internship with the English department. Thus, there will be a lot more posts with explicit cursing and gratuitous nudity. But as long as they continue to advertise this blog on their website, I will keep the nude sun-bathing pictures to a minimum.

I have started my trek home. It is a slow and winding way to go. Right now, I am in the midst of traveling through tropical Northern Queensland via campervan. I fully intended on adding a few posts tonight, but with 15 minutes of Internet left, that seems a bit too tasking for current humid weather conditions. Instead I will give the names of a few future posts:

Campervan Living

Goon + A Deck of Cards = A Backpacker’s Night Out

Going to Jurassic Park


and many more traveling tales.


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